Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Ella- It's your Uncle John"

Yesterday I got a weird email. Written only in the subject line was a message, "Ella --- it's your Uncle John, it's important that you contact me immediately". Me thinking it was spam at first, I almost deleted. However, it was the word Ella that caught my eye. This person must know me and it must be personal because only a few people call me Ella. Those would be my mom and grandmother and it was my dad's mom's name, "Ella Stroud". So I responded like I knew who it was and asked for his phone number. Well, he responded with his number. Wow, ok.... this is for real. I called mom and asked her if she gave my email out to anyone plus do we know anyone in Connecticut and an uncle John? Nope she said but encouraged me to call. I did and it was my Great Uncle Johnny Parlegreco (Ella Stroud's brother). Wow, it was great talking to him. The last time I had seen him was when I was eight (8) years old at my MomMom and PopPop's (Ella & Stanley) 50th anniversary in Sanford, FL (where I went into my first bar). We talked about old times and my family. Two generations connect back together again. When my dad died, we lost connection with his side of family and it's not for lack of trying to connect. Just had not found right part of family to stay in touch with and thats been hard for my brothers and me. Our Italian family had gone away but maybe this is a sign to stay in touch with them.
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Odie Langley said...

A good sign girl. We need all the family contact we can have because lots of families have lost touch with each other. Tell Sydney I hope she has a wonderful party tomorrow and Happy Birthday from Odie in NC.

Breeze said...

Amazing how this techno space can connect us with the past.