Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Herb Garden

It's amazing to see how my herbs are doing from last year. Then this year I added some more. I decided that I can have a pretty herb garden in my front year. It looks nifty to me.... What is in the garden?

New Additions

Lemon Balm


Pineapple Sage

Also added is a Purple Verbena between Oregano & Thyme.

Last Years Survivors





Below: The Newly refreshed front garden (flowerbed)
Below: Pineapple Sage (It is suppose to bloom pretty red blossoms. Put in garden for color.)

Below: Big top herb on right is last years Oregano and bottom bit herb is Thyme.
Below: Window Garden... So, we are also going to try and bring plants to life from seeds. The lucky winners were:

Sunflowers (BIG)


Round: Deep Red Flesh Watermelons

Small Early Variety Watermelons
Below: This is Sydney's close up of our pellets filled with Sunflowers and two types of Watermelons. It's like a mini green house.

The other items in the garden are Iris and spider monkey grass that Carrie Stroud planted for me when she was living in Tallahassee, FL last year but has since moved back to lovely Seattle, WA.


iamwoman said...

YAY for gardens! I teared up a bit when I saw my cute yellow planters:) Looks awesome. Now, don't kill it. haha!

Hepzibah The Watchman said...

Loved your herb garden. I love my lemon balm tea at the end of the day. Also rose scented geranium is great in lemonade. Happy summer.