Monday, June 29, 2009

Wow! I just used this site and it worked for me! Amazed. I have to complete my24 hours of CE's for my Life/Health/Annuity License by 9/30/2009. So it was going to cost me over $50.00 to get this done. But, the thought of coupons came into my life and I typed in "WebCE Coupons and Promotional Code". Wham! I had found coupons on the web site, which was a site that I have been wanting to try to use a coupon. My first experience worked out for me. There was a coupon for a discount of 24 hours of insurance CE for $39.95. I tried this coupon and it worked! Saved me $11.50. I am up for saving money! Whoa! Awesome! So, slowly but surely I am moving into the coupon realm of savings. Look out you coupon clipping mom's! Carmella is joining ya!


Annette Gough Roberts said...

I love that site. I have saved a lot of money using it, too!

Heather Borum Nicholson said...

I like this post.