Monday, June 29, 2009

Five Languages of Love

This book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, was introduced to me at the beginning of a relationship a few years back. While cleaning my room, actually my closet, I found it again. I read it half way through and by that time I had my ah hah moment. But, I had not taken the test at the end of the book. So, I did the test in the book and here are my results from the book quiz:
Physical Touch > 8
Words of Affirmation > 8
Acts of Service > 7
Quality Time > 5
Receiving Gifts > 2
At the bottom is an online quiz that I took. It is kinda close. So, what does all this mean? It means this is how you like to be loved, well how I like to be loved are the results. When I am in a relationship, I like physical touch and Word of encouragement/compliments. If anyone would like to take the online quiz, it is at See where you fall in the language of love. What is really important to know is where your partner falls in the five languages too. Because they might be a person who likes Quality Time or Words of Affirmation more that the Physical Touch or Gifts. It knowing what they like so that you fill their bucket of love with the right love.

If you like learning on how to improve yourself, try this book. It is published for different situations like children or singles.


Lisa Harris Miller said...

This is an amazing book and discovery about self and others.

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

Have you read it too?

Lisa Harris Miller said...

Yes, a few times. It's been helpful in understanding people we love.