Sunday, August 12, 2012

Help Develop Others Talents

9 Characteristics of Emerging Leaders

  1. Cultivating a high standard of ethics
  2. Great leaders have high high high energy --- play hard, have fun! Sometimes have to change how do things. Have to get movement better, then better money.
  3. Learn to work priorities --- do the hardest 1st, which Judy Gray taught me this. But it is easier said than done. Funny thing is that when you do you won't worry.
  4. Got to have courage-- be able to jump in the water before testing. Sometimes will be off balance to get job done.
  5. Working hard with dedication and commitment. Focus on what matters-- here's what paid to do is get leads. Got to get results. Don't worry about what others think of me. Care about getting job done. Be confident about who are as a person.
  6. Getting goal oriented-- understand what goals are. People without goals work for someone that does have goals. Not placed to keep job same but to make it better. So next person who gets job has something to live up too.
  7. Maintaining constant enthusiasm-- have to get game face on. Inspired enthusiasm get by way of going and where going to be, comes from within. Can't be beat up or tired in from of people lead. Enthusiasm also comes from accomplishing goal. ***Important: Bigger Goal, Bigger Vision, Gvies Enthusiams.*** FYI-- If don't have inspired contagious enthusiasm then what you do have is contagious... Ouch! What are we/I passing forward?
  8. Staying Level Headed-- tough decision, stay calm to a point that everything is not emotional tone. Staying levelheaded decisions based on facts not emotions. Can't expect people to be like you, everyone is different.
  9. Helping others to go-- help all people grow just help everyone.

  • Fix problems rather than talk about them. Look for solutions
  • Problems aren't stopping places but discussion points to move forward

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