Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get Results! Leadership Academy

Below are points that caught my attention in Rob Falvo's and are in no particular order.

  • It's all about Results when it comes to the destination.
  • Have the destination in mind before starting journey.
  • Be best leader you can be.
  • It's about getting people I'm responsible for to be the best they can be.
  • I'm a coach and I'm also a player... Mgr is coach Reps are players.
  • Coach is only as good as the players they have on their team.
  • Leadership is a lifestyle choice. I've made that lifestyle choice. BB will sure tell you that I have when it comes to our house. He will say, if Mommy's not happy then no one is happy.
  • "If through learning, I'm through." john wooden
  • From Harvard Business Review podcast, "you can learn from stupid people, just learn what not to do".
  • That's not who I am but that's who I was.... (Sarcastic voice) Wow, someone can change. (Serious voice) I believe that life is all about learning and improving. So, we all have had hurdles to overcome and some did. Sometime is was just crawled over, but you made the improvement. Yeah and congrats to you for bettering yourself!
Rob provided four improvement tips:

  1. Be coachable
  2. Be committed to life of learning/improving
  3. Study lives of great people
  4. Develop weekly system of getting more knowledge. For example: read 10 mins a day or subscribe to podcasts listen while driving.

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Matthew said...

Very nice article! I run the choir and student council at my school. Very insightful!