Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Champ at the Ball Field (Dec 2011)

We took Champ to the football field but he acted complete whacked out. Champ just ran around and around the football field trying to get out. We didn't like being at the football field. The next day Billy asked Conner if he wanted to take Champ out to play. Conner responded with, not if we are going back to the football field because he acted weird there."

Resting after all that exercise of running around the football.

Protecting his owner.
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Sarah Ann said...

Just stumbled on your blog!

These photos are so cute! A boy and his dog. :) Iris is only 10-months, but she already loves our Aussie, and he adores her. Can't wait 'til she's old enough for them to be best friends!

Stop by reverie any time!