Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Matzo Ball Soup

Yummy. I made Matzo Ball Soup today because Billy and Conner are sick.  However it was a great reason for me to cook the soup. Ive not had any since NYC last summer.  Oh, how I love the memories that this soup makes me remember.  My dad would make this soup for us growing up. I love the memories of him cooking. A lot of times that I cook on Sunday are days that I remember my dad.

He also loved to shop for bargains so I am happy for share that I got 6 boxes of the soup for $.99 each regularly over $3.00 a box.  So that was one more additional memory of my dad. 

I hope this helps everyone feel better.

Also, this is so easy to make that it is an item that I am considering adding to food storage.

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