Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jim Albright Leadership Award

Photo (left to right: W.K. Walker, Me, A.G. James- Wiregrass CLC President, Al Henley- Alabama AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer)

Last night was a great event! I became the recipient of the 2010 James Albright Leadership Award. This is an annual event held by the Wiregrass Central Labor Council in the Dothan, Alabama area.

It was an exciting event for me. This was the first time that I have recieved an award and I felt very honored to share the evenings awards with the other two recipients:
  1. Posthumous Award 2010- Philip Williams (1/26/1958-5/5/2010)
  2. Friend of Labor Award 2010- Mayor Mike Schmitz (Dothan, Alabama)

Below is a copy of the introduction used to present the award last night which lists reasons I was presented with the award. Again, it was such an honor to be recognized for what I do in the Labor Movement and have done.

This individual has been a union member since August 2007.

This person has served on many committees and assisted in events such as:
□ The Wiregrass Peanut Festival Float,
□ International Union District Conferences (one in particular event they became a “Royal Order of the Alabama Machinist Member”),
□ State AFL-CIO COPE/Bi-Annual Conferences,
CLC Labor Day Picnics,
□ Participated in hotel strikes/marches,
□ Organized Worker Memorial Days,
□ Phone banked for endorsed Senate and Governor races,
□ Walked for candidate, and
□ Helped hold candidate screenings.

One of their passions is lobbying legislators for better laws for Working Families.

This individual is a delegate to the Wiregrass Central Labor Council and four (4) Central Labor Councils in Florida. What makes this person so great is you never hear them complain and they are always willing to give a helping hand.

They are not just a delegate; they get involved and hold officers positions. Such as, they are currently serving as the Recording Secretary for the Northwest Florida Central Labor Council, and on occasion has been known to take notes for the Wiregrass Labor Council when Don Shaw was out.

One point to note is that per caps have been paid by their local for years and it was not until 2007 when this person joined the union that we have had an active OPEIU Local 277 member.

The dedication of this person is not unnoticed. The person drives 125 miles one way to attend the Wiregrass CLC meetings. Some of you might have already guessed who this individual is. It is a female.

In June 2010, she attended the AFL-CIO Next Up Conference for Young Union Workers and came back with much enthusiasm. Currently she is heading the organization of the Young Workers of Florida, Tampa Chapter and working with the Florida AFL-CIO to organize it on a statewide level.

She is also helping with the “One Nation Movement”, which is a coalition of over 150 progressive organizations focused on Equality for All, Quality and Affordable Education, and Putting America Back to Work! The first plan of this movement is a rally on the Mall in Washington D.C. on October 2nd.

She is active in her church and volunteers her time to teach the women of her church.

She is a mother of one beautiful girl that is ten years old. Who sometimes attends and sleeps in the car on the way home when it is school nights.

All the while, she stays positive and her motto is "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."


iamwoman said...

that is AWESOME. Congrats!

Odie Langley said...

Truly Awesome Girl!!!!

Pittman Four said...

congratulations!!! That is Great---By the way How do you know Jessica Seymour????

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

Kim.... I was her Synchronized Swimming Coach in Tallahassee. WOW! Crazy Huh!