Sunday, August 29, 2010

Posting over 25 entries today (Back dating)

So to my followers.... I have been so extremely busy with my life that I have not had time to document. Today is a day of blogging because its Stake Conference and I don't go until 2pm. Wanted to sleep in but I woke up earlier from a dream that was actually living another day in my life and I hated the day. It was a nightmare. It shook me up for a while. But, I read my scriptures and feeling better. I thought, what a great day to update my blog and remember the fun things that have been done over the past year.

I have gone back and looked at the dates of all my pictures and will be posting all the way back to some in January 2010. Went from paper scrapbooking to electronic blogging. It is easier and quicker! LOVE BLOGGING! Love to share my life with all and glad to have the time to do this!

Today's Blogs (25 entries so far today)
  1. 5th grade first day
  2. IAM 2777 20th Anniversary Picnic
  3. Saving Meat using FoodSaver
  4. Hair cut and pedi
  5. Gabes new clothes
  6. American Legion Post 13 beanies
  7. Sour Faces
  8. Piercing Ears
  9. August Bdays
  10. Starbucks Discovered
  11. Trousdell Swim meet last of summer
  12. Croquet @ Magnolia Cafe
  13. Meeting Chris and Linda
  14. Bye bye car
  15. Jeremy's new car
  16. Wreck was on way to swim meet
  17. Canning at farm
  18. Dothan swim meet
  19. Organized kitchen
  20. Next Up Conference
  21. Pineapple Quail for Mothers Day
  22. Cool Silverware
  23. Garden Update
  24. AIL Awards Banquet
  25. Chinatown NYC


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