Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mormons go Techie on

So, this morning I was going to print out a talk for church on Sunday and found two tremendously awesome new additions.

We have a radio station....
Mormon Channel* (
  • It is on HD Radio also, go to for more information.
  • Soon will be able to listen via an iPhone application, and a Facebook and blog widget. Other distribution options are currently being explored, including satellite radio and other mobile devices.
  • They have podcasts for children stories... Really neat! I have signed up for that.
*Weird because the church has tried to get away from that title however, people know us as this and so I assume the church is going to work with the title)

There is a learning page for kids...
Below is a match game of the prophets. Its really a great site to have available for our children.

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