Friday, February 13, 2009

Two planes and two different outcomes

My mind is just reflecting this morning about all the families and friends of those lost in the Boston plane crash last night. My heart is in pain for these people. It amazes me that all were killed on the plane. This makes me think, wow for those that landed in the Hudson River a few weeks back. All is in God's hands and I am just struck with pain and sorrow for those people on the commuter plane today but for joy of those from the Hudson River. Those in the Hudson were saved for something that they needed to do. For them, I just know they are really reflecting how grateful they they are for landing safely in the Hudson. Man oh man... May God comfort those family and friends at this time for those of the Boston plane crash.

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Jaime said...

I thought that was so sad too. Did you see the lady who was on who's husband died on 9/11? What are the chances of that, seriously! Anyways, I have a cute giveaway on my blog so come check it out.