Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cool Website, Sydney Comments

Got turned onto this really awesome website for when people need meals brought to their home. It is very easy to use, try it out at http://takethemameal.com/.

In ten minutes, it is amazing what a beautiful girl will tell her mom.
1) Mom you are skinny. I like it when you wear shirts like that, I can give you a hug and feel your flat stomach.
2) Mom, set my alarm for 5:00am in the morning so that I can come and lay down with you for some huggie time before getting up in the morning.
3) She did not tell me this but acted it out. We have family prayer each night and it is usually in her bed with me kneeling next to the bed and Sydney kneeling in her bed. Tonight, she asked for her Raggedy Anne (RA) doll before prayer that she had left in my room. When I returned and was getting ready for prayer, she started doing something with RA. What are you doing with her, I asked. Sydney responded, she is kneeling for prayer. (How sweet and cool is that.)

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