Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ironing your body

Okay... I just had to share this funny event. I iron every day because I just love ironing, well, I really just enjoy wearing pressed clothes and looking awesome. Yesterday was no different. Turned the iron on and started ironing clothes. Finished ironing and put on my pants and top. When I looked in the mirror my linen top was not as pressed as I would like to start the day looking like. So, instead of taking the time to remove the top I grabbed the iron and smoothed out the wrinkles around the buttons. Hit the steam button to be more effective. There was the usual heat that I have felt many times before from doing this same activity over the years. But this time it seemed to last a little bit longer but paid no attention to the pain and went on with my daily events.

Today, I get up and start getting ready. Which starts with taking a shower. I am stepping into the shower and I notice my breast. There is a brown mark on it. As I look closer, there is a blister over half of this silver dollar burn mark. I had burned myself yesterday and caused a blister on my boob. LOL Good thing that it does not really hurt. All these layers of clothing I wear you can't even tell.


Kathy said...

Hey Ella,

I guess we kinda lost track of each other over the years. You look fantastic and congrats on all your successes. Sydney is a beauty. Glad I found your blog.

The (Kathy Haralson)

Sandy said...

Okay--ironing the boob is very funny. I can't believe how beautiful you are and to think I used to be your YW leader. I really, really want you to be happy!! Take care. Sister Haralson