Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 Memorial Day, thank you

Billy and I drove back from Hiawassee, GA and on the way back we stopped to visit my mom and Tudy. It was a delight to visit with them. We shared a few stories to include FSU Flip Flops for Tudy, Tudy in shoe department, Chloe telling her mom to relax and be like a mermaid floating in the water and last the girls (Audrey and Paisley) drinking green smoothie and one of them taking the straw out of the others mouth, putting the binkie in mouth and the straw in her mouth. It is fun being an Aunt and grand daughter. But more importantly a wife and mom!

Since it is Memorial Day, we saw flags and I stopped to take pictures. First was in Columbus, Ga on Fort Benning Base entrance with the flags at half mast, at bank in Calquitt, Ga and in Edison, Ga in Downtown.

Fort Benning:

I felt and feel extremely honored to be an American and to have been a part of Fort Benning in my life. Thank you to all who have and still are serving our country to make us safe on this land of freedom we live and call The United States of America.

Calquitt, Ga

Edison, Ga

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