Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Delayed in posts/Office Setup

So, I have reviewed my blog over the past year. I was extremely dedicated until April and then I started dating BILLY. Then, we got married and then it was settle into married life which is something every night it seems. ESPECIALLY during Football Season!

BUT, I have posted more often than two of my brother's. Don't think I could ever keep up with SIL- The Rowdy Stroudy's. But today, even through MAJOR computer problems.... I finally feel like the computer area is setup.

It was dark but you get the idea. I love the board that holds all my pictures. It was given to me by my SIL Jacie last year for Christmas. It is suppose to be used to hold jewelry but since I travel so much and take my jewelry with me, I found a much better solution. Really like that I can change the picture out so often too.

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