Sunday, January 10, 2010

Online "Friend"

I have so many other things that I have to get caught up to post from all the holiday cheer but got to make some time. However, I didn't want to forget this because I didn't have pictures to remind me.

This afternoon, I took a Sunday Nap (something I rarely do). When I got up, Sydney was playing on the computer. I only got up in time to cook some brownies and sweet/soar chicken with rice before we headed out the door for "Noche De Hogar" at church.

When I was putting Sydney to bed, I asked what she was playing on the computer while I took my nap. Here is how the conversation went:

Mom: "Sydney what were you playing on the computer while I took my nap?"
Sydney: "I wasn't playing any games but reading "The Friend" online."
Mom: "Wow, how did you figure out how to get there to read.
Sydney: "Well, since you wouldn't show me I had to figure it out myself. So, I went to (she spelled out) w w w . l d s . o r g. Then, something popped up on the screen and I saw topics and found "The Friend". It pulled it up and I started reading."
Mom: "Great Job Sydney! I'm proud that you figured out how to do it without my help! I knew you could do it!"

Today, at church a letter was read during sacrament about the importance of reading the church magazines. Sydney was listening and she implemented!

Also, at the end of the year, we did tithing settlement at church and the Branch President explained the importance of paying a full tithe (which is where members of the LDS Church give 10% of our increase to the church) . Today, Sydney had brought her 10% without being reminded. She paid her tithing before I have for the month of January. She is setting a great example for me. One cute thing about her tithing is, I asked if she had it all and she started naming where all the money came from and even included the gift card money my brother, Robby, for a book store. I did inform her that she didn't have to give 10% of that but if she wanted it was okay too.

It is great seeing what I taught and what she learns at church in action! It is very rewarding!

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